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You have all heard of El Chupacabra, but have you ever heard of their Cajun  cousin, The Grunch Road Monster? This vampire hybrid of canine and reptilian has one large spiked tooth at the center of it's top jaw to puncture and slurp down blood from whatever unsuspecting pray it happens upon. The Grunch is also believed to be more advanced and sophisticated than the typical Chupacabra. Oral stories of The Grunch Road Monster began in the 18th century within a community of free persons of color. It was here where the monster got its name, as it was said to prowl the wooded edges of Grunch Road.

The Vampire of Farbourgh Marigny is a similar, if not synonymous form of Chupacabra and was a foe of none of other than the “Voodoo Queen” Madam Marie Laveau. Building on our prior episode, the Devil-Man of Algiers was said to have spawned a “Baby-Devil.” Marie Laveau was said to have located the Baby-Devil and castrated it to prevent any future hellspawn from wreaking havoc in New Orleans. Unfortunately, this had the exact opposite effect, as one of the baby-devil's fallen testicles spawned a male Grunch and the other a female Grunch. Really grunched that one up, didn't ya, Madam Laveau?

Grunch Road today is a nearly forgotten, unpaved stretch that dead-ends near Little Woods in eastern NOLA. Despite it's rural location, people still venture with hopes of snapping a picture of The Grunch Road Monster. The Grunch has been featured in cryptid books and is the titular figure in The Grunch: a Children's Musical— although the musical is more a parody of How The Grinch Stole Christmas than a true homage to the Grunch Road Monster. And, for the record, The Grunch was not the Dr. Seuss's inspiration for The Grinch.

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“Cheese Head” & “Paul Morphy” played by Aaron Sherry
“Florida Man” & “Bernard de Bore” played by Harrison Foreman
“Gary Grunch” played by Harrison Foreman

“High quality, royalty free, elevator music” by Defphonix

“Talegate Theme” by Mat Jones

Written & Edited by Harrison Foreman

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