S1E17 – Comte de Saint Germain and the Vampires of New Orleans (ft. Christopher Allen)

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New Orleans is home to Jazz, Po’boys, King Cake, and a seemingly endless supply of festive beads. But it is also home to vampires, the occult, and the Immortal Comte de Saint Germain. Join us as we interview this 500 year old man of mystery. Is he a Mason, spy, vampire, alchemist, a lost Romanian Prince, or all of the above?

Said to be born in the year 1691, Comte de Saint Germain (or Count Saint Germain as he is commonly known in English) was a man of many names. Marquis de Montferrat, Comte Bellamarre, Chevalier Schoening, Count Weldon, Comte Soltikoff, Graf Tzarogy and Prinz Ragoczy are just a few of the titles associated with  St Germain. He was contemporaries with the likes of Casanova, Voltaire, Mary Antoinette, and several other notables who found him a most remarkable man. While he was said to make age-defying cosmetics, compose heavenly symphonies, handle wild animals, and even invent his own special color, what sets St. Germain apart from the rest is the evidence of his immortality littered throughout history.

Indeed, Count Saint Germain  was said to have died on February 27, 1784, though many who knew him accounted for his appearances many years following his death. There is speculation that he faked his death for Masonic missions or perhaps even more devious things. Evidence of his existence is peppered throughout rumor and testimony even as recently as the 1970s.

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St. Germain is voiced by Christopher Allen.

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