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Nash Road in Columbus, Mississippi, is home to the nefarious Three-Legged Lady. Put your car in park, honk three times, and brace yourself for the fastest phantom on three legs! Join the Talegaters as they interview the Lady for insight into how her horrific past became legend.

Like many rural ghost stories, the tellings by locals aren't all consistent. Some say the Three-Legged Lady of Nash Road was secretly seeing a Civil War veteran who was murdered and cast off Nash Road Bridge by the Lady's husband their fidelity was discovered. The veteran's leg was snagged on the fall down and separated from his body. Some claim that, in a fit of grief, the Lady recovered this leg, sewed it onto her own body, and haunted the church where his funeral was held following her own death.

Others tell of an even more tragic story, where the Lady of Nash Road was wife of a farmer, whose visits into town became more and more frequent to the point of suspicion. The women at her church would laugh at the Lady, knowing that she wasn't enough for her husband, which angered her greatly. The wife followed him into town one day to discover that he was indeed cheating on her. That night, she whipped up a special dinner involving some good ol' Southern fixin's and some not-so-good ol' poison, which promptly killed the husband. The people of church began to whisper about her having potentially murdered her husband after several weeks of his absence and excuses that no longer pacified. Knowing that she was on borrowed time, the Lady of Nash Road barred the exit to the church one Sunday morning during service and set the building ablaze, watching excitedly as those who so loved to gossip about her got their comeuppance. She sewed the leg of her dead husband to her body so that they could be together for eternity and is said to haunt the charred church grounds and kill any who trespass upon it. 

Today, The Three-Legged Lady is still believed to haunt Nash Road and the church grounds, waiting to chase down any vehicle who summons her by cuts their lights, parks, and honks three times. Symbolically, three legs are not always perceived negatively. While many performers made a living off of having extra appendages, the flags of the Isle of Man and Sicily proudly display three legs as a sign of movement and stability.  

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