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What was meant to be a simple Dashboard Chat gets interrupted by mysterious figures. Following their abduction by the Pascagoula River Aliens, the Talegaters find themselves in pursuit by the Men In Black, a secret and mysterious agency that monitors and suppresses the presence and evidence of extraterrestrial crafts or lifeforms. Will our heroes fold under MIB interrogation? Find out now…

While little is known about the MIB agency itself–their nature, or true intentions, there is testimony and even video evidence suggesting their existence. Typically, the MIB appear shortly after reports of alien or UFO sightings. The agents are notorious for employing fear tactics to confiscate¬† or suppress the evidence and voice of these eye-witnesses. They appear in black suits, often with dark shades and fedoras, and often drive Cadillac, though vehicle preferences tend to vary depending on their region.

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Music featured in this episode is “Balloon” (Prod. by Lukrembo)

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