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On a bawdy Mississippi night, much like this one, two drunk men on a boat were met with an experience they never expected. Join Florida Man and Cheesehead and their analog walkmans as they attempt to recreate that fateful night, and uncover the mysteries behind the Pascagoula River.

Back in 1973, the abduction of Charles Hickson and Calvin Parker occurred over the Pascagoula River in Mississippi that has become an active case in Alien and UFO investigations to this day. The two fishermen experienced a UFO said to be football shaped with two port windows descend from above, sending a small fleet of aliens with bizarre and horrifying features. They were wrinkly and gray-skinned, with a slit for a mouth, carrot-shaped ears and nose, and completely devoid of eyes or even sockets. Their had pincher-like hands and the stumped feet of an elephant, though had little need for the latter, as they also possessed an ability to hover above the water.

After the two men were abducted, they watched helplessly as an extraterrestrial being performed strange procedures upon them, involving–but not limited too–reaching a finger deep into their nostrils to reach their brains. The being was believed to be female, only with an eerily featureless face that still haunts them.

These fishermen weren't the only witnesses to strange occurrences that night. A woman recently spoke out that she, too, spotted strange shapes in the sky along with hummings and humanoid shapes beneath the face of the Pascagoula River.  This might be attributed to an even older legend that cites a mass suicide of the Pascagoula Tribe after an inevitable defeat by the Biloxi Indians. They waded deeper and deeper into the river, chanting peacefully all the way, until they eventually drowned.

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