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January our birthday month! We all celebrate birthdays, but have you ever asked yourself why?  What was the first birthday ever recorded?  Why do we celebrate with cake and candles? Did the Beatles and Michael Jackson really own The Birthday Song? We answer these questions and more.

We are joined today by Yami from the podcasts, Cryptid Chats with Yami  and Order66Podcast. She details what birthdays are like in Puerto Rico as well as the rich, globe-trotting history of the Piñata! You can find her on Instagram @cryptidchatgirl.

Also joining us for the ride is Talegate regular, Skunky the Florida Skunk Ape, voiced once more by Tim Arnold. Humans aren't the only ones with Birthday traditions, you know? Skunky teaches us about Skunk Ape birthdays and celebratory milestones of Native Americans.

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