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The Talegaters interview a real life Egyptologist to learn about the three kingdoms of Ancient Egypt and find out the truth behind The Mummy's Curse. Will our lads get too close to the truth and unleash the wrath of an ancient pharaoh?? (Yes, yes they do)

Museum Curator and Egyptology, Bethany Benson, voices Abby Young, giving us a short history of Ancient Egypt's Three Kingdoms (and their intermediate periods). She explains away Mormon myths that are often assumed of Latter Day Saints, and discusses the Curse of the Mummy! While the Mummy's Curse seems little more than a Hollywood trope at this point, it was believed wholeheartedly upon the excavation of King Tut's tomb. Even Sir Conan Arthur Doyle bought into the stories, so they can't all be false, can they?

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