S11-E1 – Modern Alchemy – ARCANUM AND THOTH HERMES

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As announced a couple of weeks ago Ike Baker from the great Arcanum Podcast and I have decided to produce a monthly show together, where we interview each time two people about a particular subject, mostly around occult and magical practices.
And here we are: Enjoy a great talk, which we had about Modern Alchemy, with Phoenix Aurelius and Daniel Wiseman.
This episode is also available as a Video on my and Ike’s YouTube Channels.
So this is the first episode of that kind, and it ends the long break that I took with this podcast This will not mean that I will do weekly show again, but from time to time in between those monthly talks will also present the kind of episodes that you have been used to.
I hope you will enjoy this new format. I apologise for the brief message here, but life is still extremely busy and Ike and I were a bit late with the final edit of the show.
Enjoy and looking forward to other projects I will produce for you.