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Wade comes on to the podcast so share some of the unusual experiences he has had on his delivery route. Wade tells how he was being mirrored by a yowie walking towards his vehicle. We then go into a shared encounter he had with an unknown cloaked entity.

Wade’s submission:

My first encounter was almost 20 years ago i was called into work at 1:30 am I had to drive 30 mins to work, I was about 5-8 km from home going down a small hill (what we called the sandhills) in my ute with the driving lights going when about 500m down the road I could see something which turned out to be a Yowie walk out of the tall grass onto the road I began to slow down when it was on the centre line it turned to face me and began to walk toward me at this time i was getting slower and moving over to the right side of the road but every move I made it mirrored it following me, all the while walking toward me, I had come to a stop on the opposite side if the road when it stopped about 5 meters from me and was looking straight at me when it turned and walked off the road into the scrub it was about 7-7.5 Ft tall and Brown with a silvery colour to it.I got out of the ute to see where it had walked off and i could hear it moving through the scrub. Later I found out that it was an alpha male.

Some other encounters I have had wherewith my Mate Rick, who comes with me one night a week on Saturday nights we have both seen something standing in front a building out driving lights aiming straight at it. it was in a cloak but never raised a hand or arm to stop the light shining in its face area and it didn’t have a shadow. We have also had Yowie encounters on the same run route but a different location we could smell them and hear them and we have also had what may seem odd, Visions of them and the exact location they were standing(the same location we smelt them) and that was while we were asleep on different occasions. We both had them and the Yowies were standing or running (watching or following the Van as we went past) in the vision it was night time but was so clear just like we were seeing in daylight.

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