S10 Ep. 6: Pennhurst Asylum: Interview with Nathan R. Stenberg

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Hello dear listeners and a very happy spooky season to all of you!

This week, I bring you my customary interview for the end of season 10. I’m joined by Nathan R. Stenberg of the Pennhurst Memorial and Preservation Society for an in depth conversation about the past and current views on disability in the US and the work currently being done to change laws that inhibit disabled people. We also talk about the history of Pennhurst Asylum, what it may have been like for residents, and what’s happening with the property at present. I had a blast chatting with Nathan and hearing about everything Pennhurst.¬†

If you’re interested in advocating for individuals with disabilities or you just want to learn more about Pennhurst and its dark past, this is a great listen!

For more information about Nathan and Pennhurst, check out the links below.

Pennhurst Memorial and Preservation Alliance: http://preservepennhurst.org/

Nathan R. Stenberg (Website): https://www.nathanrstenberg.com/

Shout out to the haunters at Pennhurst Asylum for putting on such an amazing show!

Enter the Asylum…If You Dare: https://pennhurstasylum.com/



Bill Baldini Exposé: Suffer the Little Children (Found in parts on YouTube)