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This episode is basically what it sounds like when Georgia and Sonjay sit at a bar together and drink gin.

Disclaimer: You have NO idea how uncharacteristically unprepared Georgia was for this episode so brace yourself for an unholy amount of tangents. Also, please excuse the rocket ship washing machine and ridiculous amount of background noise – it’s worse than normal while we’re still getting an official recording space established. Also, Luna is especially active this episode but you’ll never hear us complain about that.

Tonight, we found out that Sonjay, unfortunately, can’t read, BUT Georgia can count to 10. Together, we have at least half a thing going for us. Sonjay throws mad shade at 80s babies but let us know if you’re one of the people who want to hear an episode about people dying on the toilet.

Hear all about how Sonjay fell in a giant hole while trying to buy Mennonite cinnamon rolls and count how many times we have now mentioned throwing a corpse since the inception of this podcast.

You’ll find out that Georgia watched Bones kind of a lot and that both Sonjay and Georgia can recite way too much Spongebob.

On a serious note, if you are environmentally conscious and want to consider sustainable choices in the afterlife, you should check out the Order of the Good Death. We are in no way affiliated with them; Georgia just thinks they’re cool. This is a huge part of why she began studying anthropology, after all.

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Stay tuned for those tours Sonjay promised of our personal lives, as well more info about our Call of Cthulhu bonus content!