S.3 Ep. 12 – Horror and Paranormal Publishing with Nick Wale

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I talk to publisher and book promoter Nick Wale about his foray into horror and paranormal via RavenTale. We had a far ranging discussion that got into topics like aliens, past life regression, Helier, Earth energies, Crypto zoology and a whole lot more…. Everyone has a story and Nick shared a few of his creepy experiences with us as well.

Nick Wale is a creative, results-driven book promotions expert and corporate strategist who specialises in helping Western authors sell Western fiction to a readership long starved of good product. He currently holds executive positions with two of the leading Western publishing companies, and also has a cadre of his own private clients. Any curious bystanders may want to check out the Amazon Western bestseller list where there is always a focused group of Nick Wale promoted products climbing the charts. He also works very closely as promotions expert for Dusty Saddle Publishing and Raven Tale Publishing.


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