Russ Kellett British UFO Hunter & Interdimensional Warrior…this is my alien life!

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Tonight in the studio, Russ Kellett, the founder of British UFO Hunters joins me.   Russ has been investigating sightings in the UK for over 20 years. Russ has worked closely with TV, radio, newspapers and other media to share publicly,  information about UFO sightings while remaining objective and conducting research in a purely scientific manor.  His experience has put him in the spotlight all over Britain as he has appeared on many UFO related shows and documentaries.

Tonight Russ and I will talk about UFOs, why the media has curtailed UFO stories in the UK and his research methods and well documented history of UFOs in Britain.  We also talk about his other life as an interdimensional warrior and how fighting and time travel have pushed his life and body to the limit. 

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