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For our Halloween content we wanted to expand and create a space for investigators and people in the paranormal community to come and discuss what's going on in the paranormal, things they've learned, experiences they shared, and finally advise on going out and investigating. On the second episode we have 5 very unique and very awesome teams. This round table is hosted by co host Isaac from Hidden In The Shadows Podcast. In this episode they talk about attachments, their experience, gear, and so much more. Find out more below on the individual teams and let us know in the comments how you're liking the round table.

Mike from War Party Paranormal: Mike is a well experienced paranormal investigator from a paranormal investigating team called War Party Paranormal. They have a YouTube channel as well as Tik Tok's explaining and diving deep into everything paranormal on their social Media channels. He's been to a lot of well known haunted locations such as The Devils Tree, and Waverly Hills Sanitorium! Make sure to follow Mike and his team as they go to these different locations!  

Shelly from Ghost Hunters And Paranormal Experiences International: Shelly is based out of Ontario, Canada and has over 20 years as a medium and has had 3 amazing teachers over the span of 10 years. Find out all about Shelly's teams and experiences on this round table! 

Mike from Shadow Walker Paranormal: We have Mike from Shadow Walker Paranormal as well and his team is based out of Cape Carteret, North Carolina. He has multiple years experience with the paranormal and with his abilities. He has experienced first hand exorcisms and darker entities. Hear his stories and experiences and what the future holds for his team! 

Kelly from Paranormal House Wife: Kelly has an awesome blog where she talks all things paranormal and haunted locations! She investigates with her husband! Hear her insight of things she's experienced, gear and so much more on this episode! 

Spencer County Spooky Squad : For this roundtable we had the privilege of talking to the entire squad of the Spencer County Spooky Squad! Based out of Kentucky these four friends have been on a wild paranormal investigating trip since the beginning. Hear all about their experiences and what advice they have for new investigators. 

Where can you find them?

Mike from War Party Paranormal: @fla_paranormal_researcher
Mike from Shadow Walker Paranormal:@shadowwalkerparanormal
Kelly from Paranormal House Wife: @paranormalhousewife
Shelly from Ghost Hunters And Paranormal Experiences International: @ghosthunterspei
Spencer County Spooky Squad: @spencercountyspookysquad

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