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For our Halloween content we wanted to expand and create a space for investigators and people in the paranormal community to come and discuss what's going on in the paranormal, things they've learned, experiences they shared, and finally advise on going out and investigating. On the very first episode we have 4 very unique and very awesome teams. This round table is hosted by co host Isaac from Hidden In The Shadows Podcast. In this episode they talk about attachments, their experience, gear, and so much more. Find out more below on the individual teams and let us know in the comments how you're liking the round table.

Haunted History BC: Researching paranormal activity, legends of hauntings, and local folklore while preserving Canada's past and present history. Regina and Victoria are two paranormal investigators with an big love for preserving the history behind these locations. 

Oscar from Induced Fear Podcast: Oscar is from the paranormal podcast called the Induced Fear Podcast. Featuring topics such as cryptids, haunted locations, weird and bizarre places. Oscar is a paranormal investigator as well!

Cory from Paranormal Hunters of MA: Cory is a paranormal investigator from Massachusetts. He's had his share of paranormal experiences as well as exploring places all around in search of the paranormal. Hear his take on this roundtable of his experiences and more.

Sherise from Lonely Soul Society Paranormal Research and Medium. : Sherise is also a medium and paranormal investigator in the pacific north west of the US, and has loads of paranormal experience. Hear her story and how her medium abilities play in with investigations.

Where can you find them?

Haunted History BC: @haunted_history_BC
Oscar from Induced Fear Podcast:@inducedfearpodcast
Sherise from Lonely Soul Society Paranormal Research and Medium: @lonelysoulssociety_paranormal
Cory from Paranormal Hunters of MA: @paranormal_hunters_of_ma

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