Rob McConnell Interviews – TARA GREENE – High Priestess, Psychic, Astrologer

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Tara Greene, High Priestess, natural born Psychic, remembers her past lives and multi-dimensional origins. Internationally renowned Canadian Tarot Reader, Astrologer, women’s spirituality, Dreamwork, workshop leader, and lipstick reader for Gucci, Estee Lauder.
A trained artist, Transformational Psychotherapist, dream worker and past life regressionist. Tara has enlightened 32,000 people since 1991. She accurately predicts elections, sports, celebrities and a famous Tweet of Duchess Meghan going into labor 12 hours before she gave birth to. She writes Horoscopes daily on her blog, for Moonology, The Cosmic Intelligence Agency and for Tim Horton’s screens 2015-2018. She is featured in magazine articles and quoted online. She leads Live Zoom workshops and creates Guided Meditations, she teaches Astrology and Women’s spirituality course.

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