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In 2012, during travelling in another country, S Jones discovered (from a room mate) she would constantly sleep talk. This led Jones to investigate what she was dreaming about at night, from here she discovered the endless entertainment of dreams for the first time in her late twenties. One of the dreams would involve her living a whole life as a man, up until his 40s. One day, Jones shifted her conciousness and found herself in interstellar space in a space vehicle with a heightened IQ and around 3,000 years in the future. This is one of a hundred stories that Jones shares in her “I SAW THE FUTURE” book. Jones started creating a dream journal to track their dreams in 2013. Within five years of focusing on her dreams, Jones was recalling up to five dreams a night. This led to many meditation sessions where Jones was able to shift consciousness into another being in the future. Jones shares this dream journal for purchase for others to benefit from, see “How to remember your dreams”.