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Rick McCallum began his stunt career in 1982, performing a fight scene with Chuck Norris on the film Lone Wolf McQuade, and has more than 75 credits to his name. Rick has performed in numerous action and horror movies, and also has doubled for Daniel Baldwin, Barry Bostwick, Greg Evigan, Oliver Platt, Chris Noth, and many horror icons, including Kane Hodder, Ra Mihailoff and Sid Haig, as well as playing the monster in Deepstar Six, and the title character in the film Darkwolf. Rick has trained actors and actresses in fights, falls, and weapons, including the Comic Con Star Wars Challenge winning short, Saber, which won Best Film and Best Action, and also coordinated the Walking Dead webisode Cold Storage, which won the Streamy Award. Recently, he has worked on features in Australia, the Hamptons, South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee and Louisiana. Rick has also acted in many films, including Naked Gun 33 and 1/3, Hatchet 2, where he played the silent hunter John, and recently in Clint Eastwood’s J Edgar. He has also stunt coordinated the Friday the 13th video game. Rick, along with Kane Hodder, are the founders of the Hollywood Ghost Hunters. Rick is also the author of his book “Ghosts Believe in Me” which won the 2020 Paranormal Awards Book of the Year.. Rick recently been seen on the PPV specials The Conjuring House and The Queen Mary Halloween Ghost Hunt, as well as the LA Police Museum ghost hunt. He recently ghost hunted the Old Phelps Dodge Hospital live feed from Ajo, Arizona. Rick is well known for his hunts in Scotland, and he also is an honorary Lifetime member of Scottish Paranormal and is in their Hall of Fame.


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