Rob McConnell Interviews – OBERON ZELL – History’s Mysteries: Turning Points That Changed The World

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Atlantis, Lemuria, the Garden of Eden, are these merely myths and fantasies of paradise lost, or actual places that have somehow disappeared from the face of the Earth?

And what of the famous legends of a great and universal Deluge that are found in so many ancient cultures? Could there really have been a vast global inundation that drowned entire populations and submerged settlements throughout the world, to be enshrined in legend by the few survivors whose descendants repopulated the world?

What’s the connection between King Arthur and the Amazons of Wonder Woman? What happened in 56 BCE that changed all of Western history to follow, including the rise of Christianity?

Where was Middle Earth, and what were the “Crystal Ships” of Tolkien’s Elves? What is the relationship between the sinking of Atlantis, the Flood of Deucalion, and the Exodus?

What was the dark secret of ancient Crete?

What’s the true story of the War in Heaven and Clash of the Titans?

Learn the truths behind the myths!

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