Rob McConnell Interviews – LT. COL. KEVIN RANDLE, PhD (RETIRED) – The Reality of UFOs

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Kevin Randle was born in Cheyenne, Wyoming, grew up in Denver, Colorado and entered the Army in Texas. He learned to fly helicopters, had a tour in Vietnam as a helicopter pilot and then left active duty for college. He attended the University of Iowa and upon graduation was commissioned into the Air Force Reserve. Randle spent most of his Air Force career as an intelligence officer. In 1986, he was released into the inactive reserve. Randle became interested in UFOs as a teenager and continued his studies after joining the Army. He served as a field investigator for APRO, was one of the first to investigate cattle mutilations and was the first to report an alien abduction from inside a home. His most important work has been in the Roswell UFO crash case. With Don Schmitt he wrote UFO CRASH AT ROSWELL and THE TRUTH ABOUT THE UFO CRASH AT ROSWELL. He has also written THE ROSWELL ENCYCLOPEDIA. His other UFO books included PROJECT BLUEBOOK EXPOSED, A HISTORY OF UFO CRASHES, SCIENTIFIC UFOLOGY and THE ABDUCTION ENIGMA. Randle has appeared on numerous TV programs, in many documentaries, and even appeared briefly, if you knew where to look in the Showtime original movie, ROSWELL.