Rob McConnell Interviews – LAUREN KORNGOLD – Paranormal Investigative Society of Miami

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Lauren Korngold is a dedicated and passionate investigator at the helm of the Paranormal Research Investigative Society of Miami (PRISM). With an unwavering fascination for the unexplained and supernatural phenomena, Lauren has established PRISM as a reputable and pioneering organization in the field of paranormal research. Under her leadership, PRISM has conducted numerous investigations into purported haunted locations, UFO sightings, and other mysterious occurrences across the Miami area. Lauren’s commitment to scientific rigor and her open-minded approach to exploring the unknown have earned her and her team a respected reputation among fellow paranormal enthusiasts and skeptics alike. Through their diligent work, PRISM continues to shed light on the mysteries that surround us and push the boundaries of our understanding of the paranormal.