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KIMMI JAE BELANGER – Organic Solitary Witch – K.J. Belanger is an Organic Solitary Witch but she didn’t always know that. It took years of studying and stumbling and at times even denying her path… Paths over lapping and a few dead ends , she finally found the people she felt she belonged with. That’s really when the Magick started. Once finding where she felt she belonged, she took everything she picked up along the way adding her Native American heritage, which really is embedded deep within her, created her path into being the her authentic self . Her craft is simple and very non-dogmatic. Her rituals are her own, her theories are her own, because no one can tell you how you should feed your soul. Her only God is Great Spirit , Her only Goddess is Mother Earth , honoring the 4 elements that without one could not live. Being a strong Empath intuitive / sensitive sometimes life can get erratic but it also manifest her strongest magicks to help others. Fascinated with subculture and the Occult she’s been accepted in circles and has made some amazing friends with likes of Vampires, Therians, and Satanist of just about every variety. Former Radio Show Host of The Bewitching Hour and The Reign & now Author of ” A Witch Walks Among Broken Branches by KJ Belanger.. rest assured, there’s more to come because the journey never ends.