Rob McConnell Interviews – KENNETH HOPKINS – Alien Abductee to Weaponized by the CIA’s Project MK-Ultra at Age 7

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Kenneth Hopkins feels that he is passionate about truth and honesty in those around him. Sincerity in all people. He also feels that when you look for the truth you’re on the closest path to God. Kenneth finds our society has been led astray by both its political and religious leaders. His involvement with the UFO phenomena has led to violations of my rights of privacy. With phone taps, listening devices found in my home, computer attacks that steal my research, mail interception, along with vehicle surveillance, he claims not to find any freedoms in the United States of America. He claims to have been a subject of the CIA’s MK Ultra at the Hospital for Children in Boston at the age of 5 years old where he witnesses horrific brutality of other children. Kenneth claims that he writes and speaks the truth, and if this is the case, on tonight’s show, he admitted to committing two murders. Kenneth says that often in our search for truth, we miss the target. Kenneth claims that the lies fed to us about the UFO phenomena have hurt many experiencers and abductees from knowing the truth about themselves. His work, and proof, include photographs of ETs (Interdimensional) and numerous saucers. He feels that when videos of these incidents, that he claims to have taken, will help people better understand this phenomena and not disbelieve those of us having these experiences. Become a supporter of this podcast: