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June Lundgren Biography : She’s a psychic, medium, demon seer, healer, animal communicator, international author and nurse. Raised by her maternal grandmother she grew up communicating with spirits, animals and angels. She is descended from a long line of women with psychic and spiritual gifts. She is called a demon seer because she can see, hear, communicate and remove negative entities. She has been helping people resolve their paranormal problems for over forty years. Her books, include: A Mediums Guide to the Paranormal, The DarkSide of the Paranormal, Paranormal Encounters Book 1 & 2, Outta Time, Demon Seekers: The Journey Begins, Demon Seer: The Awakening. She is currently completing her ninth book, the second book in the Demon Seekers series: Demon Seekers: Into Darkness. She is the founder of Ghosts and Girls Paranormal specializing in negative entity identification and removal. She served in the military where she trained as a nurse and EMT. After returning from the military, she has continued to work in the medical field as a nurse and the paranormal field and as a paranormal investigator and consultant on negative entities.