Rob McConnell Interviews – JULIE RYAN – Psychic, Medium, Medical Intuitive and Inventor

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Julie Ryan is a psychic and medical intuitive. She possesses the ability to sense various medical conditions and illnesses in individuals. Alongside this, she can also facilitate energetic healings and perceive energy fields. Additionally, she has the unique capability to communicate with both living and deceased spirits. Interestingly, she conducts these readings remotely, rarely requiring physical presence during her scanning processes. Furthermore, her abilities extend to scanning animals, accessing past lives, and even removing ghosts from buildings. Another intriguing aspect of her talent lies in her ability to discern how close someone is to death. Contrary to some psychics, her gift did not manifest as encounters with spirits during childhood, or at least she was unaware of it. She acquired the foundational knowledge of energy work over 25 years ago and has since developed and refined her own techniques. Throughout her journey, she has maintained a strong ethical stance, scanning individuals only with their explicit permission and safeguarding their privacy by keeping all information completely confidential. Despite these extraordinary skills, she primarily identifies herself as a businesswoman, inventor, author, and serial entrepreneur. Her remarkable career spans over 35 years, during which she has invented and successfully marketed surgical devices worldwide. Moreover, she has founded multiple companies spanning various industries, such as medical, natural gas, advertising, long-term care, compliance, and data breach prevention. Above all, she cherishes her roles as a wife, mother, grandmother, sister, aunt, and friend, valuing the importance of her personal relationships.Visit Julie at