Rob MCConnell Interviews – IRIS WEAVER – Shamanic Herbalist and Foraging Instructor

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Iris Weaver is a Shamanic Herbalist and Foraging Instructor. She is a self-taught herbalist who has been working with the plants for over 45 years. Iris teaches classes on foraging for and using edible and medicinal plants in the city and countryside; classes on making herbal skincare products, including salves and lotions; and classes in making herbal medicines and how to use them for everyday health care and health issues. She also teaches classes on herbal wreath making, natural dyeing with plants, and container gardening. Her emphasis and passion is on sustainability, use of local plants, and affordability. She grows or wildcrafts many of the herbs she uses in her classes and in her medicines, products, for fabric dyeing and herbal crafts. With a training in shamanism, Iris teaches people how to connect with the energy and spirits of plants in order to know them and work with them. Iris loves teaching and especially loves doing plant walks. She also does private consultations.

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