Rob McConnell Interviews – HOWARD BLOOM – The Man Who Invented the Sixties

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Howard Bloom is a prolific author, publicist, and interdisciplinary thinker whose work has traversed the realms of science, culture, and human behavior. Renowned for his provocative ideas and expansive insights, Bloom has delved into diverse subjects ranging from evolutionary psychology to the origins of creativity. His seminal works, including “The Lucifer Principle” and “Global Brain,” challenge conventional wisdom and offer bold perspectives on the interconnectedness of biological and cultural evolution. Bloom’s interdisciplinary approach transcends boundaries, weaving together strands of science, history, and philosophy to illuminate the underlying patterns shaping our world. Through his writings and lectures, Bloom continues to provoke thought and ignite curiosity, inviting readers to explore the intricate tapestry of human existence and the universe at large. – and

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