Rob McConnell Interviews – GARY PARKER – The NASA Photo That Shakes Theology – Update

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Gary Jay Parker is a real estate developer who lives in Phoenix Arizona. While doing research for a project in Egypt, he discovered an alien message written beside the Great Pyramid in a 2012 NASA photo. Gary also claims to have discovered a giant alien in the July 26th, 2012 NASA photo. Gary made a video showing how to find and see the alien. He sent the video to NASA last week and the very next day NASA removed the original photo from their website. Gary claims that he has communicated with the giant alien using a channeled message from the alien while standing in the Gila River in Florence, Arizona. Gary has sent his findings to NASA officials, the media, academia, religious organizations, federal authorities to which there has been no response. But 2 weeks after the first show with Gary Parker (November 10, 2023) aired on the ‘X’ Zone, Gary was interviewed by Homeland Security in Arizona, and a representative of the Vatican!

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