Rob McConnell Interviews – E.P. GRONDINE – Impact on Earth from Asteroids or Comets

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In our ongoing efforts to ensure the safety of our planet, extensive measures are taken to search space for potential threats from asteroids and comets that may pose a collision risk to Earth. Utilizing sophisticated technology and observation methods, scientists and astronomers meticulously comb through the vast expanse of our solar system, scanning for celestial bodies that may cross our path. Telescopes, both ground-based and space-based, are employed to detect and track these objects, allowing us to gather crucial data about their trajectories and characteristics. Various surveys and dedicated programs have been established worldwide, aiming to identify, categorize, and monitor near-Earth objects (NEOs) with a high level of accuracy. By proactively searching for these asteroids and comets, we can develop advanced warning systems and potentially devise strategies to mitigate any potential threats they may pose to our planet.