Rob McConnell Interviews – CHERYL AND ORVILLE MURPHY – A Strange Quartz Crystal Mine in Mena, Arkansas

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Please note that these claims are presently being vetted by our research department:

It will be hard to be “brief”. We’ve had regular and continuous experiences since 2017! When we introduce ourselves, we always say, “We are just normal people who had a paranormal experience, and it changed our lives forever!” Prior to 2017 “paranormal” was just sci-fi for us. On February 18, 2017, we had our first sighting when we witnessed 3 huge beams of white light shoot up about 300 feet into the night sky from our crystal mine property. That event attracted an on-site MUFON investigation, where magnetic anomalies were detected. Since then we regularly experience both celestial and terrestrial sightings of orbs, lights, voices, magnetic anomalies, sudden appearances of quartz crystals and feathers, glass marbles, both outside and inside our house (we reside at the crystal mine property), . Native Americans began to visit us from as far as North Dakota, Colorado and New Mexico, telling us they were called to come because the crystal mine land is sacred. They came to bless the land and showed us where they believed portals were on our property! And our Native friends introduced us to signs and sightings of Bigfoot presence on our property. Whatever is going on at Board Camp Crystal Mine, we believe it’s intelligent life contacting us from other dimensions, as crazy as it sounds! This is NOT self-initiated contact! “They” began manifesting their presence to us and they interact with us! Several film crews have visited us since 2017 and had experiences while filming! Most recently, as of end of 2023, there were 2 possible abductions on the property… at the very least… missing time.