Rob McConnell Interviews – BOB MITCHELL – UFO Mystery and Intrusion

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UFO Mystery and Intrusion – Canadians from different walks of life tell their horrific tales of Alien encounters. Some of their stories are told in present tense giving readers a bird eye view of what it was like and what they felt and experienced during their often gut retching visitations by Greys, Tall Greys, Hooded creatures and unknown beings. Bob Mitchell is a Canadian author and journalist, who covered crime and sports for The Toronto Star for nearly 40 years. He is currently a freelance writer and the author of six books, including two UFO books- “Incident at Pleasant Ridge-A Canadian UFO Mystery” and “Intrusion.” He is also a field investigator for MUFON based in Ontario and an executive with MUFON Canada. His other books include “The Class Project-How to Kill a Mother” – the story of Canada’s Infamous Bathtub Girls, which was turned into the “Perfect Sisters” motion picture. He is also the author of the true crime book “Deadly Defiance” – the story of a Canadian honour killing and “In Plane Sight:Before 911” – the story of an American black militant, who was on the run for 30 years after pulling off the only successful airplane hijacking in Canadian history. He is also the author of “Grave Deception” – murder mystery novel inspired by a true crime.

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