Rob McConnell Interviews – BOB COPPES – Self Proclaimed Near-Death Independent Researcherer

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Robert Christophor Coppes is a scientist and retired financier, has studied NDEs for decades and has lectured on this topic in the US and Europe. His latest book on NDEs is called “Impressions of Near-Death Experiences” and it in fact is a compilation of hundreds of quotes from experiencers. He considers them the best tutors in life. Previous books on NDEs are “Essence of Religions” and “Messages from the Light”. He never had the intention to write books, but the death of his brother changed that. He strongly felt that he had to write this extraordinary story in a specific way. He had a flash of inspiration during the long ride back home after the funeral. While driving, the structure came to him: the chapters, the contents, the dialogues, the prologue, and the epilogue. The book that resulted was translated in English: “Michael’s Cloak”. He also wrote a book based on a war diary of his uncle who became an American citizen: “A teenage boy in war torn Holland”.