Richard Doty Special Agent and Airforce Counterintelligence Officer PART 2…this is my alien life!!

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“Sometimes it’s too easy..  Deception doesn’t have to be convincing, it just has to have enough layers so it’s incontrovertible without being confirmable”.”


Tonight on my alien life I am joined by Richard Doty for Part 2 of MY ALIEN LIFE’s exclusive look into his amazing career.  Mr. Doty is a retired Special Agent who worked for The United States Air Force Office of Special Investigation.  This is his story and life as a Counterintelligence Officer, briefed into special access programs that dealt with UFOs and the visitation of extraterrestrials.  Doty’s career has taken him from Kirtland Air Force Base to Area 51. Tonight there are no subjects off limits, and we talk about UFOs, aliens and the US Government’s Secret Programs. 

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