Richard B. Spence PhD | Russian Revolutionaries, Freemasonic Para-Politics, and Occult Agents

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Richard Spence PhD, returns to discuss Boris Savinkov, the mysterious Russian Socialist, whose allegiances call his agenda into question leaving researchers puzzled. We discuss Sidney George Reilly, an even more enigmatic figure whose position as a broker of secrecy and trust, a man of many faces who faced execution for his four-way cloak and dagger act. Dr. Spence then elaborated on the role of espionage and secret societies, where the 2 overlap, and where both overlap with The Occult. Aleister Crowley naturally came up at this point, where Dr. Spence elaborated on Crowley’s abilities as an agent/hitman, having the rare ability of hypnosis combined with his knowledge of mind altering substances, a deadly combination in the right/wrong hands. Dr. Spence shared his philosophy on the psychology and metaphysics of conspiracy “theory” and conspiracy “fact” and where the two blend into history and down the memory hole. Dr. Spence next elaborated further on the connection between politics, secret societies and espionage. Buy Dr. Spence’s BooksDr. Spence’s Great Courses/Wonderium

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