Retro Rabbit – EP 73 – 1963 Govt. Paper: “Thoughts on the Space Alien Race Question”

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Talking seals, spooky patches of wilderness, and a document from the 1960s concerning the US government’s theories on alien life: It’s a weird one today on Dead Rabbit Radio. Patreon PayPal Donation Link MERCH STORE!!! Vote For Your Favorite Paranormal Podcast: Dead Rabbit Radio! Amazon Wish List Dead Rabbit Radio Wiki Help Promote Dead Rabbit! Dual Flyer “As Above” Flyer “Alien Flyer” By TVP VT U “QR Code Flyer” by Finn Links: Hoover The Talking Seal Hoover, the talking Seal July 10-11 1984 Science Hoax: Simian Sign-Language – Greatest Science Hoax Ever? Can Apes Really “Talk” To Humans? Forbidden Plateau Forbidden Plateau ~ The Legend Forbidden Plateau Legend Investigation Story of the Forbidden Plateau Memorandum From Maxwell W. Hunter II of the National Aeronautics and Space Council to Robert F. Packard of the Office of International Scientific Affairs: Thoughts on the Space Alien Race Question ———————————————— Logo Art By Ash Black Opening Song: “Atlantis Attacks” Closing Song: “Bella Royale” Music By Simple Rabbitron 3000 created by Eerbud Thanks to Chris K, Founder Of The Golden Rabbit Brigade Dead Rabbit Archivist Some Weirdo On Twitter AKA Jack YouTube Champ Stewart Meatball The Haunted Mic Arm provided by Chyme Chili The Golden Rabbit Army: Fabio N, Chyme Chili, Greg Gourley, Vixen, Lula F. Wiki created by Germ Email: Twitter: Facebook: TikTok: Dead Rabbit Radio Subreddit: Paranormal News Subreddit: Mailing Address Jason Carpenter PO Box 1363 Hood River, OR 97031 Paranormal, Conspiracy, and True Crime news as it happens! Jason Carpenter breaks the stories they’ll be talking about tomorrow, assuming the world doesn’t end today. All Contents Of This Podcast Copyright Jason Carpenter 2018 – 2024