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Video games have played a key role in the evolution of horror storytelling over the last couple of decades. And if you have fond memories of pre-rendered backgrounds, polygonal zombies, bad controls and even worse voice acting, then this episode RESTLESS DREAMS: 90S SURVIVAL HORROR NOSTALGIA is for you! Cian and Aodh get misty-eyed recalling the highs (and hilarious lows) of the Resident Evil, Silent Hill, and Dino Crisis franchises. The 90s and early 00s were something of a boomtime for big-budget, mainstream horror games. But there’s much to discuss: what exactly makes a game ‘survival horror?’ Why did the Resident Evil series become a silly action slugfest? And just where exactly has that sly bastard Albert Wesker gone off to this time?

Along the way, find out why whether a psychological take on horror gaming is better than zombies-in-your-face, and why dinosaurs are awesome but endless key unlocking puzzles aren’t. So make yourself a Jill sandwich, find yourself a crackly radio, and pray that you’re still the master of unlocking.

You’re about to enter the world of survival horror …

And this is our last escape.