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Heyyyy Misfits! This week the Steve and Emmy listens in to a theater-themed ghost story from one of their listeners, Valerie, that left Emmy freaked out for the next two days. Seriously. Then, Emmy takes us through the legend of the Denver International Airport — complete with Illuminati conspiracies, secret underground tunnels, statutes that kill, and so much more. It’s a doozy. Then, Steve talks about the “dancing plague”, a real life disease that spread through Germany back in the day that had people dancing for months on end. These people truly pop-lock-and-dropped all the way to the grave. Then, Steve and Emmy finish it off with a movie that was somehow worse than Pinocchio in Space: Theodore Rex. Featuring Whoopi Goldberg and a man in a child’s T-Rex costume as the main protagonists, Steve and Emmy conclude that you should only watch this movie if you’re legally required to.

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