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On episode 139 of SOMEWHERE IN THE SKIES, we tackle one of the most well-known and well documented UFO events of all time; The Rendlesham Forest UFO incident. Often dubbed “Britain’s Roswell”, this event took place over three consecutive nights in a forest between two joint military bases in Suffolk, England in December of 1980.

Set amongst the backdrop of the Cold War, US Forces were stationed in England in case of a Soviet attack. Unbeknownst to British forces, the US were secretly housing nuclear weapons on the base as well, completely against nuclear treaty at the time. Early during the Christmas holiday, strange lights were witnessed on radar and in person over RAF Bentwaters and RAF Woodbridge. But not only lights… a solid craft was said to have landed in Rendlesham Forest which ran between the joint bases.

Officers were sent out to investigate, and what they experienced would become one of the most incredible close encounter UFO stories ever recorded. Backed up by official military documents, audio recordings during the sightings and encounters in the forest, and a developing story up until today, this is the story of Rendlesham.

This episode was directly inspired and co-written by an article at wwwtheunredacted.com

Selected audio provided by Jeremy Peasley, the National Archives, The Disclosure Project, The Citizens Hearing, Exopolotics Germany, The BBC, and CNN Special Assignments.


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