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On Today’s Episode – Jas and Sher, your audio curators pay tribute to Margaret ‘Marg’ Kentner.

Sadly, she passed away over the weekend in Argentina. This episode is a replay from March 2019. Margaret was a brilliant, smart, witty, compassionate and a genuine person. She was classy and worldly yet was down to earth. She was extensively known, widely respected and a succesfull Enterprenuer with having such busnesses as; A Touch of Class, The Medicine Rock Cafe, The Nunnery, The Tin Lizzie Car Museum and most recently the owner of The Grand Bazaar in Stonewall, MB

Please enjoy this special episode as it truly captured her charm, elegance and vast knowledge. This is the episode Jas and Sher were introduced to Dead Horse Cider because of Margaret. We are proud that she endulged us with her paranormal stories as she took an interest in this topic as well. We are grateful for the chance we had to talk with her and document parts of her recanting her tales, and her life. She will be truly missed. Enjoy.

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