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If you are having a really hard time in your relationship or with your job, is it because you need to change your attitude or is it just time to move on? A lot of times people overlook the obvious because the fear of the unknown is terrifying! Almost all of my readings are about love and career. This show is about why we are “stuck” in certain areas of our life. What causes this and what you can do about it.
This is in combination with the Law of Attraction, it goes hand and hand. People are using the law of attraction all of the time through out the day and do not even realize it. They think that it needs to be such a concentrated effort, yet everyone does it everyday just like we eat, breathe and walk. Your mind and body are involved with the “Law of Attraction” on an every day basis, without being told. How is this playing a factor in your relationship or with your job?
Sometimes the universe gives you signals to move on or change you path and you do not listen. There are subtle hints here and there, and if you still ignore it, the universe will bring out a 2 x 4. This is usually when you have been fired or cheated on! We will talk about relationships, jobs, finding your passion, being “stuck” and the fear of moving on. I will be taking some calls and answering some of your own questions. We laugh and have fun so join us, you will get some useful information.