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If you have seen the film, Cowboys and Aliens then the idea of spacecraft in the Wild West will not be so, well, alien to you. Although the film, as enjoyable as it is, is one-hundred percent fiction, there are numerous accounts of UFO and alien encounters in the tentative years of the United States. (Real Encounters of Cowboys And Aliens) *** Michael and Janet wouldn’t report their UFO abduction for ten years out of fear of not being believed. But once they told the story, it would set the Ufology community on fire. (The Buff Ledge Abduction) (The Buff Ledge Abduction) *** What is the Bermuda Triangle? What’s going on in this mysterious patch of the Atlantic Ocean where dozens of ships, planes, and people have disappeared without explanation? (Inside the Bermuda Triangle) *** From the “little green men” of rural Kentucky to a string of lights over Arizona spotted by thousands of people, there are several convincing, real UFO sightings that not only remain unexplained, but might even suggest we’re not alone in the universe. (UFO Sightings That Remain Unexplained)

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Originally aired: Marcy 25, 2024

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