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Ramblesode – The Witches Ball

Oh man this week’s episode is cooler than cool and in fact there is a connection between Witches Balls & Christmas ornaments. Thought to be a talisman, a deterrent for evil spirits or even a symbol to bestow good luck.

Jas and Sher, your Audio Curators discuss the history of this mysterious bauble – the good, the bad and the shiny.

We will even tell you how to make a version of one, a gross one, but a witches ball just the same!

Shout out to our friends at @pocoinspired for collecting Christmas Greeting cards for our local Winnipeg seniors, and distributing to Nursing Homes in the city during this time of Code Red Lockdown. check out their website at

https:// pocoinspired.com/pocoinspired/carecards

Make a Seniors day and show them the love.

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