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Ramblesode – Voodoo Dolls Ep.123

It’s just a pin to the left! Then right! No no…we would never….or would we? Creepy cool for sure, the origins of a little harmless effigy. When in reality there are people who prepare a little doll to represent a victim to invoke harm and even death in some cases.

In many cultures the use of a Voodoo Dolls is no joke, and taken very, very seriously. Jas and Sher, Your Audio Curators discuss its origins and tell some horrendous real life stories where a Voodoo Doll was used (warning these stories are not for the faint of heart)

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Do you believe in the power of Voodoo Dolls, or do you know of someone that has used one? Let us know!

This podcast is a paranormal friendly and a ghost safe place.

Music by Ruesche-Sounds

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