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Ramblesode – The Witch’s Mark

Also know as the Devil’s Mark, sometimes compared to a third Teet, most notably seen as a raised mark or mole on a ‘Witch’es face’…..if you belive in that sort of thing. From childhood you can recall the cartoonish witches categorized by the broom stick, the black hat and of course the thick black moles positioned on the nose, chin, or cheek. 

On today’s episode, Jas and Sher, your Audio Curators get together for a recording session and uncover the horrible ways women in the dark ages were called out for being a ‘Witch’ becaue they had the mark on their body, often hidden from gazing eyes. Can you imagine having moles or even freckles underneath your clothing, and having someone call you out for it as having the Witch’s mark? 

***ANNOUNCEMENT*** Spririts with Spirits is happening – the last Thursday of every month at the Little Brown Jug !!! Please come down and join us from 7-9 PM, to hear some spine-tingling ghost stories and since it is open mic…..share some ghost stories! Even if you have written something creepy, we want to hear it hUGE shoot out to our partners, Ravens End Books and The Winnipeg Paranormal Group for coming to together on this scary journey!

If you have a local paranormal story of Winnipeg or in Manitoba, please email us at giivinguptheghostpodcast.@gmail.com – or if you just want to say ‘Hi’!!!

Music by Ruesche-Sounds https://www.youtube.com/channel/USqXO

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