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Ramblesode – Doppelgangers
On Today’s – 26th Episode – Jas and Sher your Audio Curators, explores the world of Doppelgangers, better known as ‘The Evil Twins’ and the possible origin. It’s a topic that has baffled Humans for centuries.
After a few moments of joking around, approximately 7 minutes they get down to business and discuss stories and Jas shares her possible explanation at the 21 minute mark, of how Doppelgangers ‘Pop’ to life.
Saturday Night is alright for podcasting as the girls snack, drink bevvies, swear and celebrate the phenomena known as Doppelgangers;
Are they strange entities of alien nature or are they energy that comes to life to foretell foreshadowing doom and death?
Scream out to our friend Brian Langlotz, as we encourage you to check out his play ‘Letters’ at this year’s Winnipeg Fringe Fest!
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