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Ramblesode – Creepy Christmas Traditions Episode 172

As we draw to a close on another spooktacular year, we couldn’t have been more pleased as punch to be joined by our extended ghostly family – Kelly & Ashley with the Winnipeg Paranormal Group, in the PodLounge for another epic Recording session with our mini- Christmas celebration.

This week’s epsidode, Jas, Sher, Kelly and Ashley talk about the creepy traditions and folklore fables from across the world…..these freaky paranormal beings are even WORSE than Krampus and what is up with their obsession in maming and murdering disobedient children? You thought times were tough in 2023, makes you wonder about children through out the ages being mentally scarred for life with these horrifying beings who were sent to keep them in line.

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Music by Ruesche-Sounds https://www.youtube.com/channel/USqXO