PROJECT AUDION No. 10: X-Minus-One

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(Orig. rel. 9/4/20) Project Audion’s 10th episode recreates one the best episodes from the award-winning 1950s science fiction series “X Minus One” using a cross-country Zoom conference and a cast of both Audion veterans and first-timers:

Announcer: Trevor Rines in Canada

Narrator: Kim Titus in Texas

Guy Burkhardt: Lothar Tuppan in California

Mary Burkhardt: Rachel Pulliam in Missouri

Henry Swanson: Duane Noch in New Jersey

Dorchin: John Bell in Alabama

April Horn: M J Cogburn in Texas

With sound effects by Key Raney in Texas, and production and direction by Larry Groebe

In “The Tunnel Under the World,” based on a story by Frederick Pohl, a man was up on June 15th with a strange feeling of deja vu. His suspicions turn out to be justified when he eventually discovers his whole world is not what it seems to be…