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It’s the year 2090. There are signs that a pandemic is coming – a pandemic which will kill millions of innocent people – again. Because it’s happened before. But this time, just maybe, we know what – or who – is causing it…and a chance to stop it.

That’s the setup for “Syndrome Johnny,” a lost episode from a nearly-forgotten science-fiction anthology radio drama from 1953 called “Tales of Tomorrow.” The television version of “Tales of Tomorrow,” which actually came before the radio edition, is considered one of the first serious scifi video series. The TV edition spawned the radio offshoot, which hoped to fill the void of the recently-cancelled and now-classic series “Dimension X,” adapting stories from Galaxy Magazine. Failing to find a sponsor, it only lasted a few months. The sound quality of the few recordings that survive is mostly quite poor, and our recreation “Syndrome Johnny” doesn’t survive at all.Our transcontinental cast performs in the classic audio drama tradition – live in one uninterrupted take – to recapture the spirit of this pioneering science fiction show for a national audience for the first time in 70 years.

In our cast: Trevor Rines, Canada

Tim Burns, Kansas

Jack Ward, Canada

Greg McAfee, California

Rhiannon McAfee California

Gary Layton, Texas

and Larry Groebe, Texas