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Project Audion revisits one of the funniest, most beloved radio comedies of the 20th century. Fibber McGee and Molly tickled the radio audience for so long – more than a quarter of a century – that it spawned the very first-ever spinoff shows… and recurring gags like Fibber’s hopelessly overstuffed closet, and quips like Molly’s “t’ain’t funny, McGee”, remained part of shared American pop culture long after the series left the airwaves. Part vaudeville act, part sitcom, the series stared real-life couple Jim and Marion Jordan who were indeed former vaudeville comics. Don Quinn’s scripts and a large cast of supporting characters who stopped by 79 Wistful Vista kept the laughs rolling.

Now, Robert L. Mills (former comedy writer for Bob Hope) has wonderfully recreated the style of the show at its peak in a new script penned just for Project Audion. In it, Fibber thinks he’s come up with a brilliant and practical new invention – for once, does his boasting have merit? Listen to our transcontinental cast and laugh!

Our cast:

Fibber McGee: John Bell, AL

Molly / Teeny: Holly Adams, NY

Harlow Wilcox: Ken Jeffries, CA

Wallace Wimple: Dana Gonsalves, TX

Mayor LaTrivia: Bob Beaumont, CA

Doc Gamble: Frank Guglielmeli, PA

Old Timer: Harry Middlebrooks, CA

Gildersleeve: Larry Groebe, TX

Leroy: Carolyn Threlkeld, KY

Produced, directed, and mixed by Larry Groebe