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As we prepare for Season 5, we had an opportunity to answer some questions from our listener community. This was a lengthy conversation that we’re splitting into two parts (part 2 will be released two weeks from today). We hope you enjoy!


Drugstore Cowboy (Discord) Behind the scenes and how to get started on a podcast. Interested in TMA, TSP, and willing and fable for inspiration. Good spooky stories.

Autumn. Evergreen (Discord) What are the characters’ favorite foods?

Icarus (Discord) What are the characters’ things they do that annoys the crap out of everyone else?

Icarus (Discord) What are the characters’ favorite animals?

Detective C (Discord) What was your favorite part to record?

Gem (Discord) We knew that Jeremy was somewhat part of this lore, more than being the storyteller (loss of memory, parents, etc.). We also saw the papers somewhat destroying his marriage. But now, it tarnished the idea of normalcy in any way. Did you guys have a hyperfixation that nearly ruined your life? How did if feel to break that thin barrier you created between family of Jeremy and the papers? To have not only Jeremy but other members of his family put in danger?


  • Jeremy Enfinger as himself (and briefly as “Jeremy”)
  • Nathan Lunsford as himself (and briefly as “Malcolm Foye”)
  • Additional Episode Music, “I Eat Various Pieces Of Metal” by Cody Ditzenberger


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